Have you ever dreamed about becoming a pro tennis player or just playing for fun? Tennis is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Tennis is a game played by two people. It can be played by anyone who can hold a racquet, including anyone in a wheelchair.

When I was in high school I always wanted to play tennis, but I never quite got the hang of it; probably because I didn’t have the right equipment. One of the greatest strategies to playing tennis is having the right kind of tennis racquet.

It is essential that you choose the type and size tennis racquet that best fit your game. If you are a beginner all you need is a racquet and a ball.

You should use a beginner’s racquet. A Tennis racquet includes a handle connected to a neck. The neck has tightly pulled string. A racquet handle may be customized with rubber- like materials to improve a players grip.

Tennis balls are of hollow rubber with a felt coating. Many players use sweat bands on their wrist to keep their hands dry. Although, you can wear a variety of shoes, tennis shoes that have wide, flat soles for stability and a built-up front structure maybe the best shoe.

Tennis is played on a rectangular, flat surface, usually grass, and clay, a hard-court of concrete and asphalt and occasionally indoor carpet. The court is 78 feet long, and 27 feet wide for single matches and 36 feet for double matches.

Clear space around the court is required in order for players to reach overrun balls.

A net is stretched across the full width of the court, parallel with the baselines, dividing it into two equal ends. The net is 3 feet 6 inches high at the posts and 3 feet high in the center.

 But, before choosing a tennis racquet it is important to understand the game and the equipment. The players start on opposite sides of the net.

One player is the server, and the opposing player is the receiver. Servers alternate game by game between the two players. The server starts behind their baseline, between the center mark and the sideline.

The receiver may start anywhere on their side of the net. Only, when the receiver is ready, the server will serve. The serve is initiated by tossing the ball in the air and hitting it into the diagonally opposite service box without touching the net.

The serve maybe hit under or overhand. If the ball hits the net on the first serve and bounces over into the correct diagonal box then it is called a “let” and the server gets two additional serves in. If the server misses his or her first serve and gets a let on the second serve, then they get one more try to get the serve in the box.

Finally, a tennis match is determined through the best of 3 or 5 sets. Women usually plays 3 set matches, while men play 5 set matches. For men the first player to win 3 sets wins the match and however, for women the first player to win 2 sets wins the match.

A game consists of a sequence of points played with the same player serving. A game is won by the first player to have won at least four points in total and at least two points more than the opponent. You must check out our most popular tennis racquets and equipment for beginners.

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