When you first started playing table tennis, you probably didn’t have any aspirations beyond simply having a good time. It’s a great game, and you were plenty happy playing amongst your friends. You may have found that you were pretty good at the sport and finally decided that you wanted to learn how to play table tennis like the professionals.

Something you must realize is that these pro players didn’t get to where they were overnight. They probably started just as you did, hanging out in a friend’s basement and playing on an old table, or maybe even learning in gym class.

Like you, they found a deep love for the sport and wanted to get better at it. The allure of competition might be calling to you, just as it called to the pros when they were in your shoes. How can you go from being a good player as you are now to becoming one of the greats?

Like everyone who came before you, you will have to put in the work. Set aside some time each day and learn how to play table tennis better, learn how to read your opponents, and learn all of the correct rules of the game. If you are able to spend just a bit of time playing each day, you will find that you can leave much of your competition in the dust.

Practicing by itself isn’t going to win you any championships though. You need to make sure that you have the correct form and skills. Since hiring a teacher is so expensive, you can find another way.

Teaching professionals can look at your game and figure out where you need improvements. Maybe your problems are in the grip or maybe you have issues with footwork. These are things that can be fixed by a good pro, so you owe it to yourself to give one of them a chance to help you improve. Keep this in mind as you move forward. Lessons also give you a valuable opportunity to practice hard and work on your skills.

Improve your setup

Almost more important than almost anything else is your setup. If you want to be powerful and accurate, you need to set up well to the ball. Whether you are hitting a forehand, backhand, or a volley, make sure your feet are in good position. Work hard on your balance and work on getting to the ball in time. Your feet should be at least shoulder-width apart to give you a chance at solid power.

Nothing beats topspin 

Some players wonder the key to having good power and solid accuracy as well. When you go get a tennis lesson, they will have you focus on the topspin portion of your game. You should work hard on rolling over the ball with a full swing.

Buy some ping pong DVDs and learn new techniques. You can also find DVDs that have some famous table tennis matches from the professional players on them. These DVDs can accelerate your training to a level that you might not have thought possible, and they can do it quickly.

While you might not know how to play table tennis like the professionals quite yet, your dream can become a reality. You simply need to make sure that you put in the effort to learn the techniques, spend time studying the game, and play as often as you are able. When you are able to put in the work, you will find that the skills are soon to follow. Who knows? You might be the next table tennis great.

If you want to get better at tennis, you need to focus on a combination of hard work and skill improvement. It’s impossible to get better without working hard and you won’t make much progress until you refine your skills. With that in mind, what should players do to get better at the game? Here are some top tennis tips to help you become the player you have the ability to be.

Get a tennis lesson

The first tip might seem like an obvious one, but too many people push it aside. If you want to improve at the game, you need to get a tennis lesson.

Most tennis pros will tell you that a low to high approach is the best way to hit a good topspin forehand. Keep your focus on starting low and really getting behind the ball. When you come through with a nice follow-through, you will have hit an excellent shot.

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