With so many different types of tennis racket strings available, whichever string that you choose to use will undoubtedly affect your performance in some way. This brief guide has been written to help you understand and identify the uses for individual types of strings, and to better help you choose the best strings for your racket.

All types of tennis racket strings fall under five main categories these are; Standard synthetic, natural gut, mono filament, multi filament and hybrid.

Standard synthetic — are the basic bargain buy and will come supplied with many low or mid cost tennis rackets. Nearly always made of nylon, these are fine for beginners until they begin to refine their game.

Natural gut — formed from the intestines of a cow (not a cat as often referred to as ‘catgut’), were primarily the only form of string available. Yet still today its performance properties have never been matched. Whilst most find these type of strings too expensive they can still be popular on the PRO tennis court mainly due to its superior performance.

Manufacturers are always trying to manufacture the next synthetic string that has characteristics as close to natural gut as possible. Being the most efficient string is has the ability to remain soft at high tension whereas many other strings will stiffen. This reduces impact shock which can lead to tennis related injuries.

Mono filament — as the name suggests, are made from a single strand. Thinner strings provide more control and these strings will move less than standard synthetic, which is an advantage. Often made from polyester or polyether, these strings are suitable for players who break strings frequently and love top spin in their shots.

This however comes at a price as these types of strings are notorious for being a very unforgiving string and if any arm problems develop the use of mono filament tennis racket strings should be stopped.

Buy some ping pong DVDs and learn new techniques. You can also find DVDs that have some famous table tennis matches from the professional players on them. These DVDs can accelerate your training to a level that you might not have thought possible, and they can do it quickly.

While you might not know how to play table tennis like the professionals quite yet, your dream can become a reality. You simply need to make sure that you put in the effort to learn the techniques, spend time studying the game, and play as often as you are able. When you are able to put in the work, you will find that the skills are soon to follow. Who knows? You might be the next table tennis great.

If you want to get better at tennis, you need to focus on a combination of hard work and skill improvement. It’s impossible to get better without working hard and you won’t make much progress until you refine your skills. With that in mind, what should players do to get better at the game? Here are some top tennis tips to help you become the player you have the ability to be.

Get a tennis lesson

The first tip might seem like an obvious one, but too many people push it aside. If you want to improve at the game, you need to get a tennis lesson.

Teaching professionals can look at your game and figure out where you need improvements. Maybe your problems are in the grip or maybe you have issues with footwork. These are things that can be fixed by a good pro, so you owe it to yourself to give one of them a chance to help you improve. Keep this in mind as you move forward. Lessons also give you a valuable opportunity to practice hard and work on your skills.

Improve your setup

Almost more important than almost anything else is your setup. If you want to be powerful and accurate, you need to set up well to the ball. Whether you are hitting a forehand, backhand, or a volley, make sure your feet are in good position. Work hard on your balance and work on getting to the ball in time. Your feet should be at least shoulder-width apart to give you a chance at solid power.

Nothing beats topspin

Some players wonder the key to having good power and solid accuracy as well. When you go get a tennis lesson, they will have you focus on the topspin portion of your game. You should work hard on rolling over the ball with a full swing.

Multi filament — have no central core and are made from hundreds of fine strands to provide better performance and help reduce shock and vibration. For this reason most tennis players will use these strings if they suffer from tennis elbow.

These strings are the closest match to natural gut although they can lose tension quickly and may need stretching before fitting.

Hybrid — are made from a combination of two, with cross strings varying to main. The most popular combination being mono filament for durability combined with multi filament to provide response. Although you can install a hybrid combination with any strings, these are now available to buy in half and half packs.

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